Reel Breakdown

GMC Campaigns. Various Campaigns some shots are pure CG and others are live action CG integration (flame)SpeedShape 2005-6


Adidas FYI – Feet you wear campaign. Uses particles and Sparks for effects with comping, keying and tracking of elements. (inferno)


Powertrain - Infomercial for exercise equip. Heavy layering of 2D animations with practical footage. (flame)


Ortho – Massive 2D build of environment all elements keyed and roto’ed was approx 90 layers.i.e. Fences, shrubs, insects, spray, etc…). (flame, AFX)


Oregon Lottery – Uses imported geometry and mapped footage huge schematic and 60 layers. (inferno)


Philips Web TV – infomercial. Heavy 2D animation and motion graphics. Multi layered 65 approx. (inferno, AFX)


Toshiba DVD – Infomercial for DVD player. Multi-layered graphics using imported geometry. (inferno)


Philips HD – Infomercial for HDTV. Multi-layered, large graphics. Done in HiDef 1920x1080. (inferno)


Critical Care – Infomercial for healthcare. Multilayered motion graphics and Spark effects. (inferno)


Intend Change – Pacfic Bell. 3min. spot. Edited and animation. (smoke)


Adidas – Promo. Simple layering and animation with Sparks applied. (flame)


Nike Tlair – POP promo. A combination of 2D animation & CG. (flame).


Nike Alpha – POP promo. 2D animation using displacement mattes. (inferno)


Adidas trail runners – A mixture of After Effects animation with final layout done in inferno. (inferno)

 Joaquin Pecheur


Commercial  Reel




All work was done in a post production and motion graphics environment working on flame, inferno, and After Effects.





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