Reel Breakdown
FF4: Rise of the Silver Surfer -  Chase scene added CG falling debris and smoke then transition to street scene integration of Johnny and Silver Surfer as well as heat displacement and motion turbulence rebuild. Monument scenes I comped in sky and added debris 2nd shot. Pre-wedding scenes were done on stage blue screen with added tracked cityscape and color graded: Compositor Hydraulx.
Barnyard the Movie - Compositor / Lighter using Digital Fusion and XSI. All CG integration. Omation Studios
Sky Captain WOT- I worked on numerous shots. Those shown are multi-layered composites  from Blue screen, matte paintings, Particles effects, animated BG's, and elements to create storm effects using After Effects. Credits: Compositor. CafeFX.
Back in Action:  I rebuild,     retimed and repositioned in USAnimation (ToonBoom's Opus) and then recomposited all elements  into a final color layout using shake. 2D Technical Director (ADS) Warner Bros.

Following shots roto work      on Pig, Cyclops, Cow.

All rotoscoping done  with Discreet's  inferno*.  

Credits: Roto. POP.

X-Men: I processed approx. 65 shots for xmen for the film Dept at POP. This included wire/rig removal and cleanup on (inferno*) color space conversion using custom LUT's, color correction, alpha stripping, resizing, degrain-regrain of clips all necessary pre-prep and post-prep work for 2D & 3D artists and final film outs. All work was done in C-Scope. Credits: i/o. POP.
Joaquin Pecheur



Film Reel




All work was done in a post production environment working on flame, Shake, Nuke, and After Effects.




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